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Mind-Health Tip

One of the first steps to achieving a healthy mind is improving your overall fitness level. Your brain is a biological organ just like every other part of your body, so treating it well will definitely improve your mental performance.


There are a number of studies that suggest a healthy amount of exercise can improve cognitive ability, increase stamina, reduce injury time, build self-confidence, and reduce stress. When the human body is staying active and doing regular exercise, it increases levels of a hormone called serotonin – this hormone is also called the “wake up” hormone for it’s ability to improve mental alertness.

There is a reason school systems emphasize the need for physical education, and early morning physical training is mandatory in military training programs!


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Better Brain, Better Body

You might have already heard that the primary secret to the vast majority of weight issues is the health of one’s mind.


Your particular mind style and the overall functioning offers countless clues to your ability to successfully manage your weight. Without this knowledge, many people spend time and devote efforts only to find that they are in the same position – or worse! The mind and weight are inherently connected. “Feeding” the mind for maximum capacity affects your entire being.


Focusing on the practices that enhance the health of your mind has been found to result in loss of weight (naturally). A welcome outcome for many.

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Magnificent Minded – The Choice

Your brain processes information and presents it to the mind or conscious awareness. What’s fascinating is that the mind can ultimately decide what it will focus on which helps us to be more aligned with our true self and authentic goals, values, and interests instead of automatic messages sent from the brain.  It’s a question of consciously directing the mind rather than functioning in a state of auto-pilot.

Marianne Williamson said that the mind is the “cause” and our experience of life is the “effect”.

We are guided by our thoughts, and if our thoughts are toxic, guess what? You are living from that place as well.  So I hope that you are starting to comprehend that we all have a choice. What will your choice be? Will your mind be magnificent?


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