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Magnificent Minded Studios is a source for women and women in business to develop their core [MIND + MISSION + MESSAGE] which supports them to build greater [MAGNIFICENCE & WEALTH].

We are passionate about helping women optimize their minds and women entrepreneurs to use it's power to create a [MISSION-BASED PROSPEROUS BUSINESS] and believe that if more women tapped into this potential, they would struggle less and enjoy more [SERENITY & SUCCESS].

That's what we all strive to experience, right? Of course we do.

What gifts do we bring to the personal and professional mentoring and magnification process? Glad you asked...


We embrace imagination, illuminate inspired energy, are forward-thinking, passionate, and live in the realm of big possibilities. Visions are the source and strategies bring them to life.


Anything can be enhanced, enriched, or amplified. We explore what exists and enlarge capacity. Challenges are never final destinations but temporary stepping stones.


Supporting visions to become reality is the hallmark of a great mentor. We believe in the potential of all and offer essential practices, steps, and strategies to create the best possible experiences and outcomes.


Everything is pronounced with a synergy of people and processes. Our work is a collaborative, a joining, and a united mission.


We are creative and have a gift for making concepts concrete, missions into simplified, specific messages, and dreams into existence.


We stimulate what is sometimes quietly stirring within. We invite magnificent moments and unique mastery.

Ready to...

our mantra


Develop Fully


Live Deeply


Succeed Authentically

who we are

Call her what you may - Serenity & Success Strategist, Mind Health Collaborator, Business Magnification Mentor... At the end of the day, Carol's mission is to insert mission. Has this mission shifted and evolved over the years? Absolutely! But her desire and dedication has remained the same.

Carol's Dream

According to peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, in almost every circumstance...

80 percent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—and only 20 percent is due to strategy—the specific steps needed to accomplish a result.

Of course our strategies and practices are very important. Strategies take you to the outcomes of your vision. But Carol's dream is that more women know that it is their inner vision, passion, and mind health that are essential to supporting each and every strategy.

Marianne Williamson also highlights the importance of the mind. She said...

Thought or mind is the cause and experience is the effect.

Your Dream

The magnificent self, is the basis from which all forms of wealth is created. A strong sense of purpose is at the core of your true magnificence. The magnificent self seeks (amongst other things) harmony, growth, to leave an imprint, and to celebrate life.

The magnificent self is also driven by freedom, full expression, and activity. When there is an absence of dreams and a purpose, it is very difficult to access these key --..

Schedule a time to speak with Carol (button to calendar) Or take the Dream to Delivery survey to see if you are ready to move from dreaming to doing today.

The Best in You: A Message from Carol to You

No matter who you are and where you might be today, your best is yet to come. It's true for all of us. You are never at your final destination. You are growing, advancing, mastering, and impacting.

What would it mean for you to experience so much more serenity and success? What would it really mean to you?

I can tell you what it would have meant for me to have someone help to:
Optimize the health of my mind and enrich my experiences
Clarify what I am truly here to offer the world
Discover my passion and incorporate that into a magnificent mission-based business
Get my site up and engaging new potential clients
Become a published author
Create a business model that reflects my values and interests
And more!

What I know to be true is that the biggest challenges for the majority of women and women entrepreneurs is that we want to be able to put our vision into a mission that reflects our strengths, values, and expertise. We also want to know that we have flexibility in our lives for our co-existing priorities.
We want to have our passions shape our business
We want to have a business that is profitable
We want a manageable life
We want to maximize our lives, relationships and our businesses
Well… (speaking from experience) for any change to take place, you have to acknowledge that there is more to lose when you remain the same. Ask yourself how you might be holding yourself back by not opening the flow and developing the strength of your capabilities.
You have to recognize the importance, believe in your ability and that you are deserving, sincerely want the change, and move in the direction of that change.
It seems complicated but in reality it is quite simple. We make it harder than it needs to be.
If you know that more awaits you, then I invite you to consider my support for you to prosper and thrive - first personally and then in your relationships and businesses. It begins with the mind, is reinforced by practices. We have the power to optimize the elements of our life to a status that supports all possibilities.
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Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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